Woke up today greeted by the offer of a number 2, by offer I don’t mean someone was trying to gain my effections with the gift of a smelly turd but offer to give me five minutes on the porcelain throne before a shower. An offer that I would be crazy to refuse bearing how cold and nasty a bed bath feels.

Michelle popped in for a bit this morning and helped me with breakfast. A very grown up choice of coco pops and a banana 🍌 Afterwards we tidied the room a bit and played on the Nintendo for a bit, until she had to get Tyler from play school.

After that I spent the rest of the morning getting kodi 17.0 up and running on my firestick, using exodus at the moment. 17.0 is very different to the previous versions had to get google to show me how to run from a zip file, well hidden in the menus. Here’s how to do it:

Install Kodi with EsFile Explorer #2
Installing Exodus
Lunch was shepherds pie, seems a very popular choice everyone was having it, worst meal so far I found though but think that’s just because after eating endless mince beef dinners in hospital I just don’t fancy it anymore, I’m not going to switch to be a vegetarian right now but I think a break from red meat’s probably in order for now. 

Back in my room, tried watch something in kodi but too spoiled for choice, ended up trying Equality basically a bad bonky movie about a future where emotion is classed as an illness. Hmm know a few people that would fit in there.. Was not the best thing I’ve ever seen but watched it through.

Spoke to the psychiatrist lady for a bit, which was nice to brain dump on someone that had time to listen and I knew wouldn’t get upset whatever dark corners of the mind that get opened up.

Dinner was naff but did that on purpose as my friend Derek coming down tonight for a takeaway. We decided on a dominos gluten free pizza each, very nice indeed. Which it should be at practically £30 for two little pizzas, some nuggets, wedges and fanta. Although their hot sauce was a tad too hot had my nose dripping and eyes watering in no time at all.

Now watching Tammy on Netflix in the room for a bit before he has to leave. We would had used the lounge but no Netflix out there and couldn’t be bothered to move the firestick. Makes a great change to have someone over to chat with about any subject and put the world to rights.

After Tammy ended went to bed while watching shadow hunters, a to series based of some young adult book series, to be totally honest only watched it as had moody chicks in leather corsets on the front cover.


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